Photo Retouching for eCommerce using AI
Automate routine photo retouching tasks with AI to reduce post-production costs 2-10X, instantly handle large volumes of photos at scale, and let retouchers focus on creative work.
Covering all retouching needs for eCommerce
From simple product masking and cropping to advanced retouching for luxury brands as low as $0.1 per image for AI-powered results.
Background removal
Online marketplaces, e.g. Amazon, Walmart, require photos on a white background. We can instantly remove the background with AI and put your product on any image or color.
Cropping and resizing
Adjust the margins to meet special marketplace requirements, reduce size to optimize image loading time, align multi-part objects to avoid visual jitter.
Color correction
Reduce returns with accurate color. From basic white balance correction to more advanced color, contrast, and exposure correction for all photos in your catalog.
Shadow and reflection
Shadows add subtle depth that increase product's appeal. Remove the background, then add shadows as you wish. We can do natural, reflection, and drop shadows.
Surface and shape correction
Remove props, reflections or dust, smoothen creases, reduce wrinkles, improve shape and symmetry, and even clean up skin to make your products and models look perfect.
Ghost mannequin
Hiring models is expensive but customers do want to see how a products fits on a person. Create a realistic view by combining two on-mannequin photos (front and inner side).
How it works
Our managed service and technological innovations give you peace of mind from RAW photos to perfectly retouched images.
Upload a .zip archive with photos
Every client will get access to our self-serve portal for photo retouching. We accept photos in all major formats (e.g. RAW, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD) and securely store them in Google Cloud.
Define your retouching needs
Within a portal, select one of the presets created for major online marketplaces, e.g. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or define your own image processing logic using our menu of retouching operations.
Relax as your photos are made
AI results will be available instantly. You will also have an option to mark photos with AI mistakes, if any, and request manual retouching by our vetted retouchers (24-72 hours turnaround).
Why Metapixel's Photo Retouching
Pixel-perfect images 2-10X cheaper, faster, and for any number of SKUs without a mess.
Cost effective
We eliminate routine retouching operations with AI and reduce the end-2-end photo retouching cost 3-10X. No more time spent doing clipping paths or cropping manually.
Fast results
AI results are ready for download instantly. You can also request AI-assisted human retouching, if AI made a mistake, and get polished results within 24-72 hours.
Any number of SKUs
Truly, there is no limit. We can easily add additional GPU servers with Google Cloud to meet the demand of eCommerce giants during seasonal promotional campaigns.
Managed service
We handle everything from simple background removal to shape correction. Finally, our dedicated quality assurance team reviews every single image before you get it.
Transparent pricing
No need to bargain on price. We are creating the industry standard pricing methodology and provide a simple self-serve retouching menu with prices for each retouching action.
Pixel-perfect quality
Our AI is trained on millions of before/after photos. Plus, we work with a vetted pool of retouchers and maintain an internal ranking of retouchers based on prior orders and NPS.
Request Photo Retouching service and get pixel-perfect images with products on white background in a few days guaranteed.
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